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Café aux Philosophes, Paris


Yémen Mocha Matari (2) #robisandco

Un café, à part… d’Irene Tetaz

Originally posted on irene tetaz:
..sur feuille volante.. ?

Yémen Mocha Matari #robisandco

Acidité légère, Cuir & Chocolat

The Sept. 29th is National Coffee Day @Foodimentary

Expresso Pics in Paris by Tom Plevnik

Originally posted on Tom Plevnik photography:
This is probably going to be the last post before I go back to Paris. In the last few years, I spend my vacation twice a year…

Petit Pot de Café !

Comment peut-on servir un expresso dans un petit pot de glace ?

Tempo Grigio, Caffè Nero

Macaroon Just on the Cup !

Pas Trop Chaud …