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Time drips down and down, Barry Comer poetry’s around coffee

Abbreviated love this afternoon, until light strikes clouds and hours roar near. I think it often while extending moments and ticks, until my sun who shimmers; circles along my chest. Happy is the…

Look deeply… By Barry Comer

…into my coffee, the hundred-morning count, bottom-swirled beauty. Deep breathing exercises for 20 inhalations. Count down. Fire. I crave your steam, all black and hot.

Mr. Coffeehands by Barry Comer

Couldn’t resist painting with coffee while waiting for Kathy yesterday. Figuring what could go wrong, I started dipping my brush in my cup and well… coffeehands. This may not be my best drawing,…

Barry Comer drinks coffee

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“Coffee & Sugar”, Pencil and Wash by Barry Comer

Tried something different today and last weekend. Instead of painting, then adding more contouring, I did it all before the color. What happened surprised me. The painting and sketch took on an extra…