“caffè Dell’Arte” © Routid


“Ceci n’est pas un expresso.” © Routid


“Bermuda Onion” © Routid


Shooting photos : What else ?

Alex and the Coffee at AND – Seoul

Originally posted on Sugarsheet:
I read in a magazine that the owner of this cafe located in Hannam-dong prepared good ice coffee. Until now, the only experience of ice coffee I had were…

Le Marais: The Broken Arm – Paris

Originally posted on Sugarsheet:
  Paris coffee scene has become more and more interesting, as coffee starts to be as important as wine or cheese. French people drink espresso, and in most of…

Rencontre avec Youssef Louanjli, le café-laborantin

Originally posted on Little Black Book:
LBB : D’où viens-tu ? YL : Je suis né à Casablanca au Maroc et suis arrivé en France à l’âge de 6 ans car mon frère…

Récup au soleil

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© la Page Déco Adoré ce bistrot en bord de lac dans le quartier de Seefeld, à Zurich. Comme quoi, le recyclage peut donner de chouettes…

Cà phê in Vietnam

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Coffee must be Vietnam’s most consumed drink: coffee shops are everywhere and it is enjoyed at any moment of the day. French introduced coffee in the 19th century and…

Marc de moka

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Cộng cà phê A meme le trottoir Reveries Et dans ma tasse en email Felee La promesse du printemps.