Expresso Pics in Paris by Tom Plevnik

Tom Plevnik photography

This is probably going to be the last post before I go back to Paris. In the last few years, I spend my vacation twice a year in Paris. I can not do without Paris for now … who know may be dragging me into a new place in the future. In Paris, I feel free, happy and I feel like a photographer. I do not imagine myself on the beach by the seaside for two weeks.
Countdown started: four days and twelve hours. The new post comes after the vacation. Bye for now

DSC_3975-01 Rue de l’Agent Bailly

DSC_4108-02 Rue des Cascades

DSC_4127-01 Rue des Cascades

DSC_4226-01 Au Petit Fer à Cheval

DSC_4281-01 Le Palais Royal

DSC_4399-01 Rue de Bretagne

DSC_4428-01 Le Progrès

DSC_4429-02 Le Progrès

DSC_4583-01 Bourse

DSC_4631-01 Lamarck – Caulaincourt

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