Amazing experience at Poop Cafe, Insadong, Seoul

My Lemon Tree

Poop  cafe doong cafe Insadong Seoul

I think we all have seen at some point scrolling on our social media timeline some pictures of poop cafes and most probably pictures of the taiwanese poop cafe, first opened cafe for this concept. This concept (that might sounds/looks weird) comes from Asian popular culture that often associates poop and humor together. Also, in Korea poop would apparently symbolize fortune and good luck. For example, having a dream where poop appears or going to the bathroom means it’s a good sign and fortune will come to you. This comes from the ancient Korean card game Hwato. The concept of the cafe started from their hit item in Insadong – the poop bread (photo below).
Anyway, when I heard about Seoul having also its own poop cafe, I really wanted to try out and see how it does really look like and I have to admit that Asians really know how…

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