Le Marais: The Broken Arm – Paris


  Paris coffee scene has become more and more interesting, as coffee starts to be as important as wine or cheese. French people drink espresso, and in most of bistrots and cafés, if you want the “american” version, you have to precise “café allongé, s’il vous plaît” – an espresso with added water. I am always amused when I observe foreigner’s reaction when they order a coffee and they see it arriving in a tiny cup. Although the taste of espresso is very strong, the concentration of caffeine is less important than in an americano because the brewing time is longer for the americano.  the broken arm concept store cafe espresso paris french breakfast travel france

  In Le Marais, I often go to a place called The Broken Arm. It is inside a concept store, and it was opened by a group of friends who were helding a blog called “Des Jeunes Gens Modernes” (blog now closed, link not found)…

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