“Out a window” by Barry Comer, Louisville

Originally posted on Barry Comer's Blog:
Forever morning in a café, drinking, celebrating little peeks outside a window. I am side-by-side with a cute little number as the lines grow strong; they formulate in mind.…

“Rock’n Coffee” © Routid/Alain

Café du Marché, Massy

“Paris Pictures” © Routid


“Expresso near Metro” © Routid

La Station Rambuteau, Paris

Express, Canicule … What a scorcher!

Scorching heat : the midsummer heat Canicule : Emprunt au latin classique Canicula, ‘Petite Chienne (signe du Zodiaque)’

TSP737 Espresso Stand

Express, face au passe-plats

1st June Coffee !

Café Latte Frappé


The Coffee Pot

Duncan Grant, c.1916, MET @metmuseum.org

Express Thaï News

Express, le temps tourne !

Express your Colors !!